Online Course 7 – Industrial V-bed

This Online course takes you from understanding the mechanism of your machine through each  technique it offers to the fabulous 3-dimensional ‘pyramid’ fabric.  The correct use of this machine can give you a really clean, professional finish to you collection.

Course Fee £350

19 download studio films   ( 124 mins)

The cam system
Casting on
Half milano
Full milano
Ripple / Holding stitch
Double bed jacquard
Tuck stitch
2×1 rib
Racking with rib
Single bed fabric
Mock rib
Single bed and rib
Single bed pointelle
Drop stitch
Zigzag / Chevron

Comprehensive text support
Assigned Tutor
Inspirational reference
Mid-way assessment
Individual creative project
Final assessment and feedback from knit-1 tutorial team

Maximum course duration 3 months

Apply to Richard using the form below: