Online Course 4 – Jacquard

This online course goes from understanding the punchcard facility to exploring the many variations that 2-colour work can offer. Including engineering patterns, isolating motifs, ‘floating’ patterns into a decontsrtucted background and using the holding cams to create jacquard angles.

Course Fee £350

11 download studio films (95 mins)
Jacquard construction explained
Engineered jacquard
Single motif jacquard
Isolated colour motif jacquard
Vertical open stitch jacquard
Diagonal float jacquard
Deconstruct jacquard
Open diamond jacquard
Angled jacquard using the holding cams
Slip stitch
Tuck stitch
Comprehensive text support
Assigned tutor
Inspirational reference
Mid-way assessment
Individual creative project
Final assessment and feedback from knit-1 tutorial team

Maximum course duration 3 months

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