Online course 3 – Make a garment

This Online course shows various techniques of garment making from how to calculate your pattern to fashioning techniques for necklines and trims. There is a choice of styles to follow from our studio range that cover all levels of ability and then to go on to develop your very own garment design.

Course Fee £350

10 download studio films (93 mins)
How to calculate shaping
Round neckline construction
Folded hem neckline
Holding cam neckline
V-neck fashioning
Patch pocket
Fully fashioned pocket
Intergrated pocket
2×1 rib with ribber
Single bed folded button stand
Lapel collar
Double jersey button stand
Choice of sweater and cardigan styles
Comprehensive text support
Assigned tutor
Inspirational reference
Mid-way assessment
Individual creative project
Final assessment and feedback from knit-1 tutorial team

Maximum course duration 3 months

Apply to Richard using the form below: