Online Course 2 – Pointelle

This Online course shows the exciting possibilities of all types of lace knits. From the use of the lace carriage to unstructured and random effects, including ‘slits’ and floats.

Course Fee £350

14 download studio films   ( 93 mins)
1 and 2 stitch pointelle hole
3 and 4 stitch pointelle hole
Large pointelle holes
Simple pointelle diamond
Scalloped edge
Behind the gatepost cast off
Lace carriage
Engineered lace
Float technique – ladders
Hooked up float
Ladder shapes
Travelling ladders
Holding cam holes
Comprehensive text support
Assigned tutor
Inspirational reference
Mid-way assessment
Individual creative project
Final assessment and feedback from knit-1 tutorial team

Maximum course duration 3 months

Apply to Richard using the form below: