Design Courses created and directed by Sue Enticknap & Richard Dykes. Studio Courses are now closed. See online offers

Knit Design Courses, Brighton

Knit Design Courses, Brighton

These unique courses were created in 2008 by Sue Enticknap and Richard Dykes directors of Knit-1 Ltd.  Many elements of the courses have references to selected high profile customers of the company which further distinguishes the courses from what can be offered by traditional academic institutions. Furthermore we can deliver the required practical skills to advanced levels in knitwear, machine knit design & make, print and embroidery in rapid time.

Hence our courses attract designers keen to advance their knowledge,ambitious undergraduates and graduates seeking fast track and excellent instruction, industry professionals looking to enhance their skills,entrepreneurs who run or aim run knit fashion businesses, prospective teachers and indeed any aspiring individual wanting to progress in the field of machine knit design and knitwear for the fashion industry.

We are currently looking for appropriate business partners to invest in and develop our courses in other key global locations. We are particularly interested to hear from any
businesses in USA, China, Japan, Korea, India or Brazil.


Design Courses is a business partnership, we do not receive any government assistance but you may be eligible to apply to one of the following bodies for possible grants towards course fees.

Scottish Arts Council

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

We are informed that The English Arts Council are not prepared to fund any course or workshop with commercial content or links. We believe this stance is wrong. It is our belief that superb design leads to business success, job creation and a desirable increase to trade in general. Why would any person or institution not want to promote those goals?

Knit-1 Ltd is registered with the Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS) on its Register of Education and Training Providers

The register is a list of education and training providers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The register does not quality assure or accredit in any way the learning provision of any registered provider.